Posillico Provides Dredging, Marine Construction, Barge Services in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
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In 2022, Breakwater Marine joined the Posillico family, bringing over 30-years of marine expertise. Breakwater Marine’s capabilities include:


  • Dredging: Mechanical and environmental dredging depending on the sediment properties and permit requirements.
  • Marine Construction: Driving for steel and timber piles, bulkheads installation and repair, piers, stone jettys and breakwaters, moorings, and construction/servicing of floating docks.
  • Material Handling: Permitting, transportation, and disposal of dredge material. Transporting and handling of aggregates and construction material.
  • Salvage: Recovery of public and commercial vessels.
  • Terminal Maintenance: Servicing of active marine terminals, fender systems, dolphins, and moorings.
  • Towing: Tug service in and around New York Harbor and tributaries, Hudson River, and Long Island Sound.
  • Diving: Underwater inspection, demolition and construction.
  • Charter: Tug, small craft, and barge charters available.

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