For four generations, Posillico has combined an ironclad commitment to quality and performance with an unequaled family work ethic, making the company a leader in public works projects. Incorporated in 1946 under the presidency of Joseph D. Posillico, Sr. as a small trucking contractor, the company has grown to become one of the top engineering contracting firms in New York. We employ as many as four hundred people and serve the entire Tri-State area.

Over the decades, Posillico has completed many large and highly difficult civil engineering and construction projects. These complex projects more often require off-peak construction during nighttime hours with stringent penalty and bonus clauses. But no matter the parameters, the Posillico team consistently demands and achieves excellence.

Our integrated services of civil, materials, environmental, paving, drilling, utilities, development and consulting have allowed us to provide the seamless, cost-effective construction solutions to multilayered problems that our clients will demand today and in the future.



For 75 years Posillico has grown a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals. With exciting projects on deck and a push for infrastructure in New York and on Long Island, we are looking forward to the next decade of new accomplishments.


Posillico is proud to announce its Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.67. A company’s EMR determines how much they pay for workers compensation insurance and helps measure the effectiveness of safety programs in place.



Posillico continues to grow and approach each challenge as a new opportunity. Our mission statement of completing projects safely and on time continues to propel us into the future by embracing Design-Build and Value Engineering as a way to meet the challenges of large-scale public works.


2011 – Posillico wins two awards for the Route 110 bridge over the LIE span projects; The ASCE’s Highway Project of the Year and AASHTO’s On-Time Award.

2013 – Posillico is awarded its first design-build project; NYSDOT Design-Build Accelerated Bridge Program.

2013 – Posillico is awarded its second design-build project; NY Route 347 from Route 111 to Mount Pleasant Road.

2013 – Posillico Materials, LLC unveils its new rail siding and materials transfer depot.

2014 – Posillico Civil, Inc. completes its Replacement of Belt Parkway Bridges project for $364 million.

2015 – Posillico acquires a full-service utility contractor now known as Northeast Utilities to capture a new

2016 – Posillico Civil, Inc. celebrates its 70th year, Posillico Materials, LLC celebrates its 45th year and Posillico Environmental, Inc. celebrates its 25th year.

2017 – Posillico opens a second asphalt plant, Posillico Materials, East , located in Holtsville, NY.

2017 – Posillico steadily lowers its safety EMR through the years to 0.68, while the industry average is approx.

2017 – Posillico and its partners begin development at Garvies Point in Glen Cove, NY; a 27 acre mixed used
land reclamation project.

2018 Project Highlight – One of the largest single projects won by Posillico to date.
The Rehabilitation of Three Highbridge Interchange Bridges is the largest single project won by Posillico to
date. The High Bridge Project is a Design Build that will replace the deteriorated piers down to the footings.
The project also required the replacement of the existing stringers and a curved full depth plate girder.
Finally, new seismic Isolation bearings were also installed for the entire superstructure.

This work was done while maintaining open traffic on the ramps and minimizing the impact on the major
interchange between the Cross Bronx Expressway and the Major Deegan Expressway. The entire structural
deck is being replaced with precast concrete and Ultra High Performance Concrete grout (UHPC). To facilitate
access and painting, a hanging shield was designed to allow substructure removal.

Ancillary work included widening and replacing approximately 1 mile of approach roadways with associated drainage, roadway lighting and safety improvements.

2018, July – In a renewed effort and commitment to Safety in our facilities and on our job sites, Posillico adds a remote video auditing systems to monitor daily operations, as well as tailor and reinforce safety training & protocols that mitigate risk in the field.

2018, October – Posillico is named one of Long Island’s top workplaces by Newsday.

2019, October – Posillico is named by Newsday as one of the Top Midsize Workplaces on Long Island.

2019, October – Grand Opening of the Posillico Wash Plant, a remediation and recycling plant for
contaminated soil. The Wash Plant is one of the largest and most advanced contaminated soil washing
facilities in the world. This state-of-the-art facility is supporting Long Island’s strive for sustainability by
helping treat contaminated soil and by reducing landfill waste.

2019 Project Highlight – Posillico’s first Tunneling project
Posillico’s first tunneling project required tunneling under the Great South Bay to replace a deteriorating outfall pipe. The tunneling was conducted with a Tunnel Boring Machine manufactured in Germany. The tunneling will take place from the Bergen Point Plant in West Babylon to underneath Ocean Parkway where the new pipe will tie into the existing pipe.



Faced with new challenges of an aging suburbia, Posillico looks to develop an integrated construction approach to solving regional transportation, environmental and developmental problems.

J.D. Posillico, Inc. is now Posillico Civil, Inc.
Posillico Bros. Asphalt Co., LLC is now Posillico Materials, LLC
Blue Water Environmental, Inc. is now Posillico Environmental, Inc.
Piles, Drilling & Underground Solutions is now Posillico Drilling, Inc.
Metron Development Service, LLC is now Posillico Consulting, LLC
Posillico Development Company, LLC is now Posillico Development, LLC


Posillico’s College Point, NY office opens.

Posillico’s corporate office relocates, providing nearly 20,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art office and training space.

Posillico Civil, Inc. wins a $360 million joint venture project with Tully Construction to reconstruct the Belt Parkway.

Posillico Development, LLC embarks on its first “Brownfield Project.”

Blue Water Environmental, Inc. completes a major radiological project on Long Island.

J.D. Posillico, Inc. completes last two HOV expansion projects in 2005 capping a $600+ million portion of a $1 billion HOV construction program.

Leadership and project management training is implemented to elevate standard of excellence across all business units.

Business units unite within one organization, one brand, as “Posillico.”



Posillico Bros. Asphalt Co., LLC and Blue Water Environmental, Inc. team up to develop innovative soil and asphalt recycling technologies in response to limited disposal space created by the push to close Long Island landfills.


1991 – Blue Water Environmental, Inc. is formed.

1992 – J.D. Posillico, Inc. constructs the first HOV project on the Long Island Expressway.

1992 – Posillico Bros. Asphalt Co., LLC receives one of New York State’s first petroleum contaminated soil recycling permits.

1996 – J.D. Posillico, Inc. celebrates 50 years in business.



J.D. Posillico, Inc. and Posillico Bros. Asphalt Co., LLC expand their capacity in road and bridge construction during NYSDOT major highway and bridge reconstruction programs. J.D. Posillico, Inc. performs major Long Island landfill closures.


J.D. Posillico, Inc. focuses on major New York State road construction and bridge initiatives.

J.D. Posillico, Inc. initiates construction on the Meadowbrook and Northern State Parkways.

Construction of the Nassau Expressway.

Major rehabilitation of the Southern State Parkway.

Joseph D. Posillico, Sr., Dominic Posillico and Virginia Seeley retire.

Charles Gargano leaves for government service.

Third generation of Posillico family completes engineering degrees and begins reshaping the future of Posillico.



J.D. Posillico, Inc. becomes a general contractor performing bridgework, roadwork and becomes a major builder of sewer infrastructure for Nassau and Suffolk Counties


Posillico Bros. Asphalt Co., LLC is formed in 1971 and the plant is erected in Farmingdale, NY.

J.D. Posillico, Inc. implements the use of vibratory steel sheeting and large scale dewatering for sewer programs in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, saving millions of taxpayer dollars.

J.D. Posillico, Inc. completes over $500 million in sewer infrastructure.



J.D. Posillico, Inc. expands subcontracting capacity for new roads and schools being built for the first baby boomers.


1960 – Mario A. Posillico returns after serving three years in the U.S. Navy, and begins reshaping the company into a major general contractor. He is instrumental in promoting public works projects for local and state government.

1963 – Charles Gargano, P.E. joins the firm, transforming J.D. Posillico, Inc. field operations into one of the best on Long Island.

1965 – Joseph D. Posillico, Jr. joins the firm and guides the company expansion into the asphalt business and the installation of deep drainage and sewer systems.



J.D. Posillico, Inc. expands with providing subcontractor site construction services for residential developments.


Dominic and Mario Posillico join the firm in 1956.

Dominic Posillico heads the estimating and engineering departments. He is instrumental in developing an innovative steel sheeting system for the installation of deep drainage and sewer systems.



Construction of suburbia on Long Island, J.D. Posillico, Inc. hauls brick for new homes for returning GI’s.


January 30, 1946 – J.D. Posillico, Inc. is started by Joseph D. Posillico, Sr., Americo Posillico and Virginia Seeley.