Services: Environmental | Categories: Mass Excavation | Location: New Jersey

Willow 14 Remediation

Hoboken, NJ

Advance Realty

Contract Value:
$28 Million

Project Dates:
2011 to 2015

  • Drilled Caissons
  • Driven H Piles
  • Remediation
  • Thermal Disorbtion and Recycling of Petroleum Contaminated Soils
  • Steel Sheet Piling


Remediation, disposal and thermal desorption of 65,000 CY of MGP contaminated soil. Construction of secant pile wall around the perimeter of the property with a design-build component for a top down foundation. Top down construction was chosen since excavation needed to be internally braced and excavation needed to be carried down to bedrock to handle all contaminants. All remediation took place in a confined space with environmental controls and disposal protocol adhering to PSE&G’s standards as the responsible party. Four levels of parking, waterproofing and liner wall systems were installed while excavation progressed.


Working on a 200 ft. x 200 ft. site in a very busy, urban environment with a lot line design made this job logistically much more challenging than a normal project. Posillico had to overcome meeting an aggressive schedule while also protecting its employees and the general public from the odors and harmful vapors while building a robust and complex foundation structure.


Meticulous planning and phase drawings to coordinate equipment, manpower, and storage areas on such a small site were necessary to maintain the efficiency of the crews working on site. Multiple specialty area within Posillico (Drilling, Environmental and Civil) came together to create work plans that solved the problems of the job while considering all of the variables presented by the design and site conditions. Odor neutralizing concentrate and encapsulating foam were used to keep harmful vapors and nuisance odors from leaving the site and holding community outreach meetings to maintain a positive relationship with neighboring residents helped protect both Posillico employees and the general public.