Rio Grande Valley, TX

Texas Facilities Commission

Contract Value:
$37.4 Million

Project Dates:
November 2021 - December 2023

  • Clearing and grading 200ft. width by 1.7 miles in length total square yardage 205,300
  • Installed all weather roads – 41,067 sq. yards
  • Drilled shafts 20ft. deep
  • Concrete – 6,000 cubic yards
  • Installed 18in. RCP drainage pipes – 160 linear ft.
  • Installed 8,500 LF of irrigation pipe
  • 134 solar powered surveillance cameras


Posillico Civil, Inc. was awarded a design-build border infrastructure. This project included the design, all materials, all labor, and all equipment necessary for construction of approximately 1.70 miles of new 30′-0″ Primary Bollard Fence with mitered tops, covers, and 11-gauge steel sheathing along the upper 5′-0″ and bottom angle iron brace. Other work associated with the construction includes access roads, 24-ft wide all-weather maintenance road and 24-ft wide all-weather patrol road, a 6-foot utility strip, 2-40 ft automated vehicle gates, border lighting, power conduit, and the relocation of above and underground utilities impacted by the project. During the project Posillico was given a change order for installation of solar panel cameras for surveillance for the border patrol and installation of a manual swing gate to span an unforeseen gas line.


Supply chain issues were a pain point during this project. There were numerous unforeseen utility and electrical material delays. A very tight schedule from notice to proceed to the first milestone as required by the Texas Facilities Commission and Governor Abbott was also a challenge. Due to the geographic area, there was a need to quickly install a new irrigation system spanning the length of the alignment so that land would be ready for planting season. The project also included the installation of 2-40ft. automated vehicle gates requiring the coordination of multiple trades. Additionally, there was an unforeseen gas line which included a financial penalty imposed by the utility provider tied to loss of production of gas wells feeding the line installation.


In regard to the supply chain issues, Posillico contacted suppliers nationwide and looked into a value engineering solution before negotiating an extension, which was granted. Through overtime and leveraged relationships with subcontractors and vendors, Posillico installed 1200ft. of wall in time for the Governor’s press conference instead of the 500ft. required as the first milestone. Communication with the farmers directly enabled Posillico to ensure that land would be ready for planting season. The team value-engineered new infrastructure to span an unforeseen gas line, – avoiding the associated risk of a financial penalty opposed by the utility provider tied to loss of production of gas wells feeding the line. In order to install automated vehicle gates, Posillico coordinated with the fabricator, electrical contractor, drilling company (drilled shafts), rebar fabricator for the shafts, and the steel erection company.