Services: Civil | Categories: Bridges & Tunnels, Highways & Ramps | Location: Long Island

Route 110 Bridge Over LIE

Melville, NY


Contract Value:
$28 Million

Project Dates:
2009 to 2010

  • Concrete Median Barriers
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Demolition and Reconstruction of Ramps, Bridges and Tunnel
  • General Road and Heavy Highway Construction


This project involves expanding the roadways around Route 110 and I495 junction to relieve traffic congestion during peak rush hours. To achieve this, the project will widen both the north and south bound bridges giving an additional lane to through traffic. The major work items for this project involve constructing bridge piers and extending the abutment walls, building retaining walls to expand service roads and the on/off ramp, erecting a temporary pedestrian bridge, relocating overhead utilities to underground conduits and installing new and replacing old bridge bearings.


The project involves a wide range of different work items that are to be performed in concert with each other in order to widen both the northbound and southbound bridges of Route 110 over the Long Island Expressway, as well as a number of other renovations to enhance the area. In order to meet these requirements and achieve the goal of completing the project ahead of schedule, we plan to follow an aggressive work schedule coordinating the various work items within our management team, our subcontractors and our vendors. Another factor that makes this project complex is the requirement to maintain access for pedestrian traffic across the Route 110 bridge over the Long Island Expressway.


The original plan calls for widening one bridge at a time due to the fact that the pedestrian sidewalk must be closed for the duration of bridge widening operations. In order to reduce the time necessary to complete the job by widening one bridge at a time, we will set up a transportations system for public use to cross over the LIE on Route 110. By efficiently coordinating work items and widening both bridges simultaneously, we will complete the project on time, fulfill all work objectives on target and keep both our costs and our clients costs under budget.