Services: Civil | Categories: Micro Piles, Soldier Piles, Tiebacks | Location: Long Island

LIRR 3rd Track

Nassau County, NY

Long Island Railroad

Contract Value:
$7.3 Million

Project Dates:
2018 to 2022

  • Installation of tieback and walers
  • Installation of temporary support of excavation
  • Work near live, operating LIRR train tracks


The Long Island Third Track project consists of the installation of additional track to complete a continuous new third LIRR Mainline track on Long Island. Posillico’s scope of work included the installation of tiebacks and walers at various locations along the line in Nassau County. Work included tiebacks for temporary support of excavation to allow the construction of retaining walls and grade crossing eliminations. Posillico also installed permanent tiebacks to reinforce existing bridge abutments due to the addition of the track.


The project took place while tracks were in use and the train lines were fully operational, making safety the number one concern. Posillico’s execution of work had to remain efficient all the while not causing trains to be delayed. The safety of both commuters and workers was a critical requirement that Posillico met by keeping everyone at a safe distance from live tracks, coordinating extensively with the LIRR, keeping a keen awareness of power lines, and managing pedestrian and vehicular traffic while performing the work.


Posillico’s success on this project was the direct result of extensive strategic planning and diligent communication with the LIRR team. Ongoing safety meetings, use of modified equipment to improve functionality and safety for working in tight areas along active train lines, were also part of Posillico’s tools for success. Besides focusing on coordination, logistics and safety, Posillico streamlined the process by doing design work in-house and value engineering the support of excavation solution.