Bergen Point WWTP Expansion

West Babylon, NY

Suffolk County DPW

Contract Value:
$74.45 Million

Project Dates:
2014 to 2018

  • Upgrade and expansion of the existing 30.5 MGD Bergen Point WWTP to a 40.5 MGD WWTP.
  • Replacement of the influent pumping system.
  • Addition of 4 settling tanks and 4 aeration tanks
  • Rehabilitation of 8 aeration tanks
  • Replacement of aeration blower control system
  • Upgrades to the return and waste activated sludge systems.
  • Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC system upgrades


As part of the project for overall improvements to the Bergen Point Wastewater Treatment Plant, Posillico was brought on to upgrade and expand the existing 30.5 MGD WWTP to a 40.5 MGD WWTP.  The work generally consisted of the upgrade and replacement of the influent pumping system, the addition of (4) new reinforced concrete primary settling tanks and of (4) new aeration tanks, the rehabilitation of (8) existing aeration tanks and the replacement of the aeration blower control system.  Additionally, Posillico upgraded the return and waste activated sludge systems, rehabilitated (4) existing clarifiers and provided various site work such as electrical-plumbing-HVAC system upgrades.


Expanding on an existing, older system, as opposed to building from the ground up, is always more challenging. The Bergen Point WWTP contained a fair amount of older equipment, up to 40 years old, such as antiquated blowers that received entirely new electrical systems as part of the upgrade. Integrating new components to existing equipment required some design adjustments to make the system perform optimally. Although many necessary adjustments for the upgrade were planned for, there were several unforeseeable design changes that proved necessary as well, which impacted both schedule and manpower, and additional coordination with all stakeholders.


Posillico was able to limit the schedule impact brought on by design adjustments by completely resequencing the job and pushing out certain items of work. Through thorough analysis and planning, as well as systematic communication with all stakeholders including Suffolk County DPW, the project engineers and its JV partner Skanska, Posillico was successful in integrating the new equipment and systems to the existing infrastructure and getting the upgraded WWTP to operate as intended.