Avalon Bay Harbor Isle

Island Park, NY

Avalon Bay Communities

Contract Value:
$5.6 Million

Project Dates:
March 2020 - June 2023

  • Brownfield remediation
  • Backfill operation
  • Installation of sanitary sewer collection system
  • Installation storm water system,
  • Installation of sediment and erosion control devices
  • Installation of subbase and base course asphalt, as well as the top course of asphalt


Posillico performed site work for an Avalon Bay Community that will have 172 rental units on Harbor Island in Island Park, NY. First, Posillico remediated the 12-acre Brownfield site, which was a former fuel oil terminal, under the strict supervision of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Work to develop the site included raising the grade of the site by approximately 7’, where 120,000 cubic yards of backfill material was imported to achieve this result. Concurrent with the backfilling operation, Posillico installed the site utilities “from the ground up”, as the grade was being raised. For the sanitary sewer collection system, 1,600 LF of sewer line was installed along with 17 precast manholes. Additionally, a storm water drainage system was installed, consisting of 480 precast stormwater leaching galleys, 20 manholes, 30 catch basins, 900 LF of French drains, 2,600 LF of storm pipes, and 6,000 LF of roof drain pipes. The scope also required us to install and maintain sediment & erosion control devices at the site. Finally, the paving portion of the project included the installation of the subbase and base course asphalt, as well as the top course of asphalt on the site. Posillico closely coordinated the project with Avalon Bay Communities, and its multiple trade contractors while working on various simultaneous scopes at the site.


Several factors made this job complex mostly due to Covid-19 restrictions. Specifically, some of these factors include the mass import of materials, coordinating subcontractors and vendors, community outreach concerns, various schedule updates, and changes in work sequencing.


Posillico solved the problems on this job through constant communication with Avalon, where our Project Manager sent emails, attended meetings, and had daily interactions with the site superintendent of the project. This ensured the project to continue its reaching of milestones.