Posillico Wins the 2019 Btea Constructions Safety Award

Nov 14, 2019 | News and Awards

The BTEA awarded Posillico the Construction Safety Award in the category of Safety Innovation for its outstanding program at 45 Broad Street. Posillico is at the forefront of jobsite safety innovation by gradually implementing a Remote Video Auditing program (RVA) on all its sites to increase awareness and improve safety protocols. The noteworthy results positioned Posillico as one of the leaders in innovative safety on construction sites.

Safety has always been a priority for Posillico. With experienced safety professionals, an in-house training facility, and a robust selection of trainings and courses, Posillico lives by its mission statement – striving to complete projects safely, on time, on target and on budget. By promoting safety and modifying the habits of its workforce, Posillico has improved its EMR and nurtured its most valuable resource: its people.