Collaborative Effort Improves the Hauppauge Industrial Park

Apr 29, 2011 | News and Awards

On April 29, 2011, many local and regional members of government, as well as various contractors and business owners, attended an Executive Breakfast for the Hauppauge Industrial Association to discuss many projects that will have a positive, significant, and long lasting impact on the Hauppauge Industrial Park.
One of the Park’s projects discussed was a $70 million sewer upgrade that is now underway in order to upgrade a sewer system that is operating near capacity while only servicing about half of the park’s needs. One of the speakers was Peter Brindley from Posillico, Inc. and he spoke about the importance of this project and what it will mean to the park as well as the community:
“This project is significant for many reasons, but mostly because it’s good for the environment and will decrease groundwater pollutants, and it will substantially increase growth potential.”
According to a study conducted in the 1970’s, the existing sewer system would not be able to handle any growth without risking the pollution of groundwater. The sewer upgrade will take approximately two and a half years to complete and will require 2 million pounds of steel and 1,000 truckloads of concrete just for the foundation. “Smart Meters” will also be used to monitor the real-time energy data.