Services: Civil | Categories: Highways & Ramps | Location: Long Island

NY 347 Design-Build Improvement Program

Suffolk County, NY


Contract Value:
$30.5 Million

Project Dates:
2013 to 2015

  • Concrete and Block Retaining Walls and Vision Barriers
  • Noisewall Foundations
  • Curb and Sidewalk
  • Asphalt Paving
  • General Road and Heavy Highway Construction
  • Traffic Control Improvements and Landscaping


This project is the first design-build phase in the NY Route 347 Greenway Corridor that will improve safety and mobility by transforming it into a greenway for Evergreen Status through the NYSDOT GreenLITES Program.


Since this was the first design-build project in a series of projects for the Route 347 Greenway Corridor, NYSDOT had not fully anticipated the environmental goals for each individual project. This caused a delay in securing design approvals right from the start of the project. Posillico was also responsible for coordinating the design portion and utility relocation all while getting the construction done simultaneously. Another very complex task was the construction of 20 ft high noise walls between power lines and residential properties with as little as 10 ft wide access roads for heavy equipment. Vehicular traffic also needed to be maintained at preconstruction levels throughout the duration of the project.


The environmental issues were resolved by providing a drainage design that was accepted by the client. Although this issued delayed the start of the project, Posillico proposed a new MPT plan that would allow for construction work in both Eastbound and Westbound shoulders which provided enough schedule acceleration to bring the project back on schedule. In order to construct the noise walls, Posillico strategically chose the type of equipment which could be used in close proximity of the utility lines without compromising safety. Posillico also established regular meetings with all the utility companies to coordinate and to determine the safest and most efficient way to install the noise walls and coordinate relocation of poles and wires.